The Surfer, Fish, and Sea

A series of short stories

Jamie Russo


Photo by Afrah


Every day, a surfer paddles out to sea, in search of “the one,” that perfect wave. Day in, and day out; day in, and day out; a melody of surf and sea. Until one day, she catches a flawless barrel and takes it on an unforgettable ride.

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi


A man fishes in solitude; surrounded by a light fog. Hour after hour, time passes by; patience. Then, the rod snaps. As the reel spins, it hisses. The sun is a spotlight; the battle, a metaphor.

Photo by Flavio Gasperini


A soft splash gently breaks the water’s surface. In an instant, it disappears towards the ocean’s deep. Today, a feeding frenzy transitions into an afternoon nap. Tomorrow, back again. Only taking what it needs, and nothing more.

Photo by Dan Gold


Time slows; floating. For a moment, you forget your coordinates.

16°52'43.4"N, 88°06'47.4"W

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