Don’t Build Castles, Build Bricks

Unconventional advice about life and creations

Jamie Russo


For your first project, don’t build a castle. Build bricks.

Unconventional advice about online creations.

If you’re getting started creating online, don’t build a castle. You’re better off building bricks. Bricks are solid, timeless, and consistent.

Bricks are like LEGOs. Build bricks today, assemble tomorrow. Initial bricks are poor. Consistency comes with practice.

Good bricks require reps. Some people say 10,000 hours to hone your craft. Bricks apply to anything. Blogs, videos, illustrations… the list goes on.

After mastering bricks, it’s time to assemble. Start with something small. Tweets become threads and blogs become courses. Keep building bigger and bigger creations.

The more unique the concept, the faster word spreads on the internet. “Have you seen that castle?” someone once said.

If you give away bricks for free, you can build a cult-like following. When you combine bricks into creations, you’re able to monetize your content. Remember, it must be different.

Bricks build many structures — houses, castles, and cathedrals. Brick walls block out enemies, while sculptures decorate gardens.

Architects are like magicians. With the wave of a wand, they transform bricks into eternal monuments.

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