Getting started on Twitter is like pushing a boulder up a mountain in a snowstorm while wearing flip-flops.

10 unconventional ideas about building an audience.

  1. Followers aren’t the goal. The goal is to create something worth following. Followers are a lagging indicator of great work.
  2. The secret to success isn’t…

For your first project, don’t build a castle. Build bricks.

Unconventional advice about online creations.

If you’re getting started creating online, don’t build a castle. You’re better off building bricks. Bricks are solid, timeless, and consistent.

Bricks are like LEGOs. Build bricks today, assemble tomorrow. Initial bricks are poor. …

Pressing publish on your first piece might feel like dropping in on a 78-foot wave. Don’t freak, send it.

Photo by Rajvinder Singh on Unsplash

Summertime, my favorite season. Bleached blonde hair, and white sand beaches. Take a break, one week or two. Return refreshed, and mind-renewed.

Photo by Elias Maurer


The edge of the world is mother nature’s playground. Day by day, she graces us with an innocuous presence, searching for the right combination of elements. One afternoon, she flips the script. In an instant, life turns upside down.

Photo by Afrah


Every day, a surfer paddles out to sea, in search of “the one,” that perfect wave. Day in, and day out; day in, and day out; a melody of surf and sea. Until one day, she catches a flawless barrel and takes it on an unforgettable ride.

Photo by Jeffrey Keenan on Unsplash | Yosemite National Park

Yvon Chouinard got his start in 1953 as a 14-year-old climber at the Southern California Falconry Club. He studied climbing under one of the adult leaders, Don Prentice, learning to rappel down the cliffs to explore the falcon nests. …

Photo by Drew Farwell on Unsplash | Hana, Maui, HI

I grew up in a family that valued travel and had the means to afford a big trip every year. One year, we escaped to the beautiful island of Maui. …

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