Getting started on Twitter is like pushing a boulder up a mountain in a snowstorm while wearing flip-flops.

10 unconventional ideas about building an audience.

  1. Followers aren’t the goal. The goal is to create something worth following. Followers are a lagging indicator of great work.
  2. The secret to success isn’t…

For your first project, don’t build a castle. Build bricks.

Unconventional advice about online creations.

If you’re getting started creating online, don’t build a castle. You’re better off building bricks. Bricks are solid, timeless, and consistent.

Bricks are like LEGOs. Build bricks today, assemble tomorrow. Initial bricks are poor. …

Photo by Afrah


Every day, a surfer paddles out to sea, in search of “the one,” that perfect wave. Day in, and day out; day in, and day out; a melody of surf and sea. Until one day, she catches a flawless barrel and takes it on an unforgettable ride.

I’m a writer, creator, and community builder in new york city.

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